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As worldwide demand for oil and gas products increased gradually and depleted oil and gas resources, oil and gas collection, transportation and processing technology and product requirements become increasingly complex, high cost and facing more and more technical personalized requirements.Nowadays, due to environmental protection, long distance oil and gas industry and to strictly limit the geographical environment and so on various aspects of policy and government regulations, leading to increasingly complex business operations.Diantai Valve have professional solutions, can help you cope with the challenge.

Upstream: upstream from the land and sea oil exploration and exploitation, the refining of crude oil production.Diantai Valve Using the continuous innovation of technology ability and global sales and service network, help customers to achieve the most challenging fluid technology application control and cost control.

Middle: middle business refers to the oil and gas products from the production safely and efficiently, and the location of the storage location to the processing factory and use.General requirements to ensure that the business operations in a flexible and changing the global economy and energy continue to gain in the layout.This is one of the biggest challenges faced by all the middle operation enterprise.Diantai Valve have Rich in pipeline and delivery valve type, can help the operating companies cope with challenges.

Downstream: downstream business refers to the oil and gas products to be safe in the use of location for refining and refining processing.The operating companies often need to use the final product with matching valve type of complicated and varied. Diantai valve with this kind of business is the most abundant product variety and model, to help customers to minimize operating costs, and ensure that conform to the requirements of the low leakage environmental regulations.
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