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China's first for shale gas, LNG liquefaction plant in operation


First shale gas, LNG liquefaction plant in China - by jerry group provide a total package service, Thai energy project of 70000 cubic meters/day liquefaction plants has formally entered the stage of operation, the project's second phase junlian 300000 cubic meters/day shale gas liquefaction plants will officially start construction in the middle of January.

According to understand, Thai energy of 70000 cubic meters/day liquefaction plant is located in junlian county, yibin city, sichuan province mu love town, sichuan's Thai energy company with junlian county, yibin city government in the oil fields in zhejiang under the support of shale gas utilization project, air source for local junlian shale gas resources.Factory covers an area of about 100 mu, jerry group by the listed company to provide design, procurement, construction in one of the total package service.In 2014, according to data, junlian area of shale gas, nissan capacity is about 100000 cubic meters, 12000 cubic meters of gas demand in guarantee junlian cases, residual shale gas will be the foreign sales through LNG plant and other forms, in order to ease the tight gas source outside the province in sichuan province.

, head of the project of civil engineering, Thai sasihorfswe energy manager, told reporters that the push of the parties involved to ensure the efficient completion of the project in the short term."The government and the total package party jerry group to give maximum support in the project, to 12 months to make regular production project would have cost less than six months time driving operations, namely every created the miracle of the shortest possible time to complete LNG liquefaction plant construction in China."

"Junlian belongs to the typical karst rock physiognomy, plus mountain rainy natural environment, the construction difficulty is very big. In addition, compared with the conventional natural gas, shale gas has more complex components and attenuation characteristics of year by year, so we carried on the targeted to the project process route design and configure the more flexible processing unit operation, finally to ensure the efficient operation of the project."The project EPC head, jerry group sunmoonstar said.

Jerry group is understood to have with Thai energy strategic cooperation agreement, the project phase ii project of 300000 cubic meters/day shale gas liquefaction plant project also is the total package of services by jerry, the second phase of the early stage of the design part has been basically completed.