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  Quality guarantee

      The company ensure that the bidding equipment with reasonable process and qualified materials manufacturing and become, and conform to the quality, specification and performance stipulated in the tender, contract requirements.Ensure the normal operation of equipment by the correct installation, and maintenance, has a satisfactory performance in its service life.Equipment manufacturing is completed, I company for equipment quality and performance requirements stipulated in the contract a detailed and comprehensive examination, quality requirements, and issue the product certificate, inspection records.And notify the buyer to factory inspection and acceptance of the equipment.Warranty period, our company for the defect of design, process, materials and was responsible for the any inadequacy or failure, equipment replacement and maintenance of the related expenses involved and the resulting losses shall be borne by the company, at the same time corresponding quality guarantee period extension of the replacement and repair parts.

Technical and after-sales service

(1) On-site service In the case of installation, debugging and quality guarantee period,We have rich experience will send engineers to the scene to provide users with reliable technical services.Specific for:
During the installation and commissioning:Send engineers or technicians to the on-site installation guide and provide technical services;Provide necessary training for the user, the user can operate skillfully;Guiding equipment operation test and inspection, if quality problems found due to the equipment and make the equipment performance deviation with the original technical requirements, the company responsible for solving, until meet the requirements.
Quality assurance period: send professional engineering and technical personnel to guide the operation;
During normal operation: according to the customer request, to send relevant personnel to the scene for the user services at any time. 

(2)  Technical service and technical information in order to guarantee the engineering quality, on-site installation, commissioning, maintenance and other relevant data.Ensure the timely delivery of technical documents and drawings as prescribed by the tender.To provide users with complete equipment installation manual, maintenance manual operation;To provide users with qualified mechanical and electrical equipment and first-class technical services.Detailed technical information at any time to provide customers with new products. 

(3)  Service response time limit customer quality complaints, to reply within 2 hours;Quality accident treatment and arrived in time.Until the troubleshooting.
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