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Hard seal structure features of forged steel ball valve product


Diantai Valve Hard seal forged steel ball valve

Hard seal structure characteristics of forged steel ball valve products:

1, double block and the emission function

Hard seal forged steel ball valve USES the floating seat spring preload, regardless of when the valve is in full open or close state, upstream and downstream side of the seat that fluid blocking, body lumen retentate through the discharge valve discharge.

2, the automatic pressure relief function

Stay hard seal forged steel ball valve valve body cavity medium temperature increase caused by the abnormal pressure, do not need through the relief valve, and only on the seat function can automatic relief, this to guarantee the safety of valve in liquid medium is very important.

3, the structure of the fire safety

Hard seal has function of fire safety valve forged steel ball valve, its design, manufacture all follow the API 607 and API 6 fa specification requirements.

4, seal on the rescue of emergency

Hard seal forged steel ball valve seat tightness due to medium foreign body or fire accident failure, greasing valve provides a connection to a quick note grease gun, convenient and quick to sealing grease injection to the valve seat sealing parts, reduce leakage.

5, reliable stem seal and low operating torque

Hard seal forged steel ball valve sealing ring, in addition to the standards for the packing gland is also equipped with the "O" type sealing ring, double seal to ensure the reliability of the stem seal;Adding graphite packing and sealing grease injection makes the valve stem leakage after the fire to a minimum.Sliding bearing and thrust bearing makes the valve stem operation.

6, full size or reducing

Hard seal forged steel ball valve can choose according to need full size or reducing structure.Full size valve flow aperture is consistent with the pipeline diameter, facilitate pipeline cleaning.

7, the valve stem can be extended

Hard seal forged steel ball valve according to the needs of the installation or operation, can be extended to the valve stem.Extension rod ball valve, especially suitable for the occasion of city gas and so on need to be buried laying pipelines.Lengthen the stem size according to customers need to be addressed.

8, flexible operation

Hard seal forged steel ball valve has a small friction coefficient and good self-lubrication bearing seat and stem, greatly reducing valve operating torque.So even in the case of the provided no sealing grease, is also a long-term mobility to operate the valve.

9, drive mode, more easy to realize automation control

Hard seal flexible forged steel ball valve drive way, mode of operation can choose according to need of manual, pneumatic, electric, gas and liquid linkage, hydraulic, etc.