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In 2014, main propulsion pump valve industry development policy


Article 10 of "water" and advice of pollution control will be out in December

On December 1, relevant personage, according to the water pollution prevention plan of action (" water ten ") and the national development and reform commission to draft the "instructional advice on the environmental pollution to a third party of two important documents related to environmental protection are expected this month.

The relevant person in charge of environmental protection agency, the national development and reform commission, etc have previously lookout, article 10 of "water" be forthcoming.And finally this point clear, secretary general of the China chamber of commerce for environmental industry jian-hua luo yesterday at the 2014 international water on BBS, according to article 10 of "water" has been countersigned by ministries and commissions, issued after deliberation by the session is expected this month to pay related.

Jian-hua luo said, "water ten" of the important goals of the governance carrier is 5 kinds of water.On the basis of surface water environment function and the target of protection, the surface water according to the features of high and low can be divided into five categories, and five kind of water carrier, is the water pollution has exceeded V class.

He has pointed out that the water pollution prevention and control of action plan goal is to eliminate substandard 5 kinds of water 2017 years ago.This point than the industry had expected before 2020, combined with the article 10 of "water" with a total investment of 2 trillion, analysts say, which will bring huge opportunities for water pollution treatment market.

China's maritime 44 wind projects included in the national development plan

12 national energy bureau announced the national offshore wind power development plan (2014-2016), the total capacity of 10.53 million kilowatts of 44 offshore wind projects included in the development and construction scheme.This marked the offshore wind power development in China will further speed up.According to this scheme, the 44 offshore wind projects in tianjin, hebei, liaoning, jiangsu, zhejiang, fujian, guangdong and hainan provinces.Which included in the development and construction projects in jiangsu province, the largest of 3.4897 million kilowatts.Offshore wind resources are rich in our country, accelerate the construction of offshore wind power project, to promote governance large coastal region aerosol haze, adjust the energy structure and the transformation of the mode of economic development is of great significance.Wind power development in the 12th five-year plan is put forward, by 2015, the sea wind power installed capacity of 5 million kilowatts;By 2020, the sea wind power installed capacity of 30 million kilowatts.However, offshore wind power industry in China is still in infancy.In 2013 China's offshore wind projects have been completed capacity of 428600 kilowatts, accounts for only about 0.5% of the national wind power installed capacity.

Three years preceding the "twelfth five-year" water conservancy construction investment of 1.3 trillion yuan

In recent years, a series of major water conservancy project construction, such as the south-north water diversion project, irrigation and water conservancy infrastructure construction, rural drinking water safety, etc.From these the funds needed for the project construction, the state and the number of water conservancy capital invested?

On December 23, submitted to the 12th session of the 12th meeting of the standing committee of the National People's Congress of the state council on national finance capital sunk in water and use the work report, according to the three years preceding the "twelfth five-year", the national fiscal capital spent 1.3261 trillion yuan over water, the average annual growth of 19%.

Printed and distributed at the beginning of 2011's "the central committee of the communist party of China under the state council on accelerating the development of water conservancy reform decision" is put forward, the water conservancy as a national priority areas of infrastructure construction, strive for the next 10 years the whole society more than double that of water conservancy, spending on average 2010.

Three ministries to increase financial support for water conservancy construction and solve the drinking water safety

Ministry of water resources and national development and reform commission, ministry of finance jointly accelerate the construction of water conservancy video conference recently, proposed to water conservancy as a key support into the medium-term fiscal budget plan, increase financial investment.At the same time, to start before the end of the han dhi nutrient-laden water saving water supply such as 9 major water conservancy project, 60 million rural drinking water safety problem again this year.

As an important measure of the country's implementation of the directional control, water conservancy development opportunities to meet this year, as of September 2014 has to carry out the important central hydraulic engineering investment of 39 billion yuan.In the second half of the general programs for water conservancy investment and budget, the annual construction mission critical period.Three ministries jointly push to speed up the construction of key water conservancy project, will accelerate the construction of the provincial water conservancy investment, water conservancy sector is expected to usher in a new order.

Complete the rural drinking water safety planning tasks, to ensure that this year to 60 million rural drinking water safety problems;To solve the problem of "the last kilometer" irrigation, from establishing the reasonable water price forming mechanism, clear agricultural initial water rights, we will deepen reform of the irrigation and water conservancy engineering management system, set up the mechanism of agricultural water-saving precise subsidies, the promotion of agricultural water saving measures, to strengthen the construction of agricultural water-saving engineering system and other aspects, promote agricultural water price reform, large irrigated areas and water-saving transformation and terminal facilities construction of irrigation and water conservancy;To develop winter and spring irrigation and water conservancy capital construction.

Energy development, 2014-2020: vigorously develop clean energy

On November 19, the general office of the state council issued the action plan for energy development strategy (2014-2020) "(hereinafter referred to as" action plan "), its future energy development in China in a period of overall strategy and action plan.Determine the energy action plan, China will implement conservation priority, based on domestic, green low carbon, innovation drive four strategies.Therefore, to the limit of coal, development of clean energy and electric power, oil and gas, as the work schedule in the future.

Action plan is put forward, according to the output and the in situ using given pay equal attention to, and the principle of centralized and distributed development, speed up the development of renewable energy, and solve the problem of abandon wind, abandoned water, discard.By 2020, non-fossil energy of primary energy consumption ratio reached 15%.

The sequence of water and electricity are placed in the "positive development".For ecological environment protection and the premise of resettlement in southwest jinsha river, yalong river and dadu river, the lancang river as the focus, pushing large hydropower bases.By 2020, strive to conventional installed hydro power of 350 million kw.

Wind power focus on planning and construction of jiuquan, western Inner Mongolia, north eastern Inner Mongolia and hebei, jilin, heilongjiang, shandong, hami, jiangsu and other nine large modern wind power base and supporting send project., focusing on the southern and central and eastern regions developing distributed wind, steady development of offshore wind.By 2020, the wind power capacity of 200 million kilowatts, wind power and coal power feed-in tariff.

Solar power will speed up the pace.Action plan is put forward, and pushing photovoltaic base construction, synchronous and concentrated on in situ given utilization send channel construction.To speed up the construction of distributed photovoltaic application demonstration area, steady implementation of solar thermal power generation demonstration project.Encourage large public buildings and public facilities, such as industrial park construction of distributed photovoltaic roof.By 2020, photovoltaic power up to 100 million kw, photovoltaic power generation and power grid is comparable to the sales price.

At the same time, China will actively develop geothermal energy, biomass energy and ocean energy, biomass energy and geothermal energy exploitation and utilization planning, to carry out the demonstration projects of geothermal power generation and power generation.By 2020, the scale of geothermal energy utilization of 50 million tons of standard coal.

Nuclear power in the highest international safety standards, to ensure safety under the premise of timely to start a new nuclear power projects in the eastern coastal areas, inland nuclear power construction research argument.By 2020, nuclear power installed capacity of 58 million kilowatts, construction capacity of 30 million kw or more.

Natural gas as a clean energy consumption ratio is expected to increase.According to the plan, by 2020 the proportion of natural gas in primary energy consumption to 10% above.On the supply side, conventional gas production in 2010 of 185 billion cubic meters, shale gas production to more than 30 billion cubic meters, the coalbed methane output to 30 billion cubic meters.